Isn't there More?
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"He asks only that we try the best we know how in the building of character"
(c) Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, Page 65
We looked back to the steps. Most of us, through our sponsors started again at step one, but this time we dove deeper into each one. What we found was truly life- changing. Of course we kept doing what had been working because it had been working well, but we added a deeper essense of the Spiritual Principles. Building character and improving our consious contact with God took on a whole new meaning. We hope by sharing some of what we are learning will help others along the road of happy destiny.
We are a group of alkies, several have been sober over 30 years all of us with double digit sobriety that have something important in common. At some point in our journey of sobriety we had reached a crossroads. The need to find an answer to the question, "Isn't there more?"

Our lives were far better than they had ever been. Our relationship with God seemed strong. We were going to meetings and helping others. What else could there be?