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Whether you need prayer for a friend, family or yourself, you will be able to harness the power of thousands as we lift up your miracle healing prayer request to God. We encourage you to use first name only of the person you need prayer for. Your prayer will go in our prayer box and will be available for all. The power of prayer relies on the assurance that the God of the Universe is listening to you. Since prayer is a two-way communication between you and God, you will always receive an answer to your prayers! It might be YES, NO, or NOT YET. This may surprise you, but unanswered prayer does not exist. We are here to share your burden and our team is standing by to pray and to intercede on your behalf. Join us and become a prayer partner. We all at times need prayer for encouragement or prayer for strength for a friend. Please tell us what we can pray for by filling in the form. Our miracle healing prayer request form is available to us all. pPrayer for spiritual healing

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Prayer Request

  • prayer request

    I would like to request a prayer for the following issues:
    First of all,let us pray together for God's protection against Corona virus.
    I need prayer for my Health.I am suffering from eyes after eye surgery.The torture I faced in my home country caused my actual eye problems.
    I need prayer for my financial situation.I am jobless with a lot of debts.I need to finance my health by buying medicines and glasses.
    I am requesting prayer for marrying a faithful lady.I am tired to be alone
    I am praying prayer for getting a job and a well paying job.
    God bless you.

  • Dear God...

    Dear God please help me to love myself and others. Free me of the bondage of self. Help me to be kind and tolerant and of service to other people wherever I can.
    Help me to exerience a healthy love relationship and send somebody my way with whom this becomes possible. Thank you.

    1. Anonymous friend

      Love your neighbor equally as much as yourself. In God\'s eyes, there are said to be only 2 commandments, but to truly obey the commandment to love God, we must obey the 2nd commandment mentioned (or at least continue to better ourselves by continually allowing the Spirit of God (Love) to speak to us daily and transform us). I\'ve prayed for God\'s will to be done for you (and it will be because the God I serve has supernaturally healed neurological injury deemed by medical science as supposedly permanent damage, yet recovery has been being made ever since mid-2009). God, who is all-knowing and all-powerful, intervened for various reasons in my life, yet there is only 1 ultimate reason...God is Love! It took until 2016 for me to realize that I was wrong about what happened...I thought I\'d asked to be healed, but in reality I had only reached the point where I believed that if I asked to be healed, that I would be healed (because of the love and faithfulness of God). Perhaps God counted me as righteous on account of my faith!?!?...yet God\'s love toward each of us is always there regardless of any and all doubts (which I consider spiritually reversed faith)! May the Spirit of God guide you! By the way, God loves everyone the same! It is our motive that plays the major role on our end of things when it comes to prayer.

  • Healing

    Dear God, please bless and heal me and my beloved Shawn from our illnesses and help us with your eternal power and undying love to join together in a blessed, strong, wonderful, healthy loving relationship, that satisfies us both and brings us healing, happiness and joy. Bless our union so we praise you daily with our love and grow forever more closer to you in happiness and peace.

  • Fear, Guilt & Shame of Past Mistakes


    Please am so desperate for a miracle in my life. Am living my life in fear each minute for which i have been praying to Jesus to heal me, i know he is hearing me but i dont know why he is not lifting up this heaviness of guilt and shame tormenting me everyday and every minute. I have no idea what to do, Jesus is my only hopei really want him to make me a new creation and live my life without remember by past so the fear will not torement me. I had no idea that want i was doing was a big mistake that would torement me day and right. I repended several times and never went in the wrong path again.

    Please prayer for my healing....please i cant move on like this. It hurts sooo much

  • Please pray

    please pray for my grandma Lyudmila. she was recently diagnosed with cancer.

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Prayers Answered

If you have had prayers answered and wish to share that, please submit your information concerning answered prayer so that we can display on our page. This will enable us to share hope and evidence that the power of prayer is without limits and that all things are possible. Prayer is a two-way conversation with God. It is the most intimate relationship with the Creator you can have. In prayer, the depths of your spirit are in communion with its creator.Miracle Healing Prayer Request


Prayers Answered

  • Back out of the hospital!!!!
    Thank you God!!!

Since praying takes many forms, will just any prayer be effective? Some feel that as long as the person praying is sincere and “believes,” it does not matter greatly which form of prayer is used. What do you think? In view of the divergence of opinion on this matter, it is necessary to go beyond the opinions of men and look for revealed information from a higher source. The answers on the following pages are drawn from such a source, the Holy Bible. It shows that not just any prayer will do if an individual expects his prayer to be heard and answered. Miracle Healing Prayer Request


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