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A Twelve Step Workbook (Free)

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Our primary purpose in this workbook is to offer additional tools, which could enable you to practice these principles in all your affairs. We will introduce you to this set of useful tools; however, tools are worthless unless we learn how to use them and then use them. Well that’s what this little workbook is about. Our main focus will be learning new ways to expand our application of the program. To help you awaken to the powerful spiritual principles embodied in the Twelve Steps (Recovery), Twelve Traditions (Unity) and Twelve Concepts for World Service (Service). The main focus of Book One will be on the Twelve Steps. Awakening we believe is the correct word because it does happen as the result of applying the spiritual principles. We want to dispel the illusion that we are to impose an understanding by applying the principles found in our program. When in fact we use information and understanding to help chip away all that is not our God- created self to help us open up and realize our Spiritual Gifts, which is our true nature

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