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This collection of Narcotics Anonymous recovery Digital Kindle Ebooks is a assortment of three of the "Must Have" in ones recovery. Just For Today was first published in August 1992, this book helps NA members focus on a new recovery principle every day. Each of the 366 daily entries opens with an NA quote, examines the day's topic, and closes with a focusing thought, meditation or affirmation. Includes subject index.

NA Basic Text, Sixth Edition was first published in 1983, NA's primary workbook and was revised in 2009 to incorporate new personal stories in the Sixth Edition. "Our Program" contains ten chapters explaining the NA Fellowship and our program of recovery. "Our Members Share" includes personal stories from NA members worldwide.

It Works - How and Why is a assortment of twenty-four essays in this Ebook examine the spiritual principles and practical import of NA's program of personal recovery and group unity. Ten years in the making, this book was first published in August 1993.

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