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Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

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The basic text describing how this Twelve Step fellowship interprets AA's program to give support to recovering sex addicts. Includes many personal stories. Now there is this fellowship, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous®, and this book, based on the experiences of those who found that a basic human need for close relationship with another, combined with a realization of one’s sexual capacities as an expression of commitment in such a relationship, could be debased by addiction into a compulsive search for sex and romance, or obsessional entrapment in relationships characterized by personal neediness and hyper dependency—in patterns that could forever prevent really meeting the underlying need for authentic experience of self and other. The sex and love addict would come to substitute the thrill of sexual adventure or intensity of “love” for the more encompassing satisfactions, founded first and foremost on self-respect, and later realized in family, career and community. The temporary addictive escape from a painfully perceived reality would be sought more and more, until the seeking itself felt like some primitive drive for survival in pursuit of which everything, including self-worth, would be sacrificed.

**The PDF is 1st Edition and the Ebook is 3rd Edition**

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